Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall Story

Burglars took my laptop and all my backups too!

Burglars did a smash-and-grab raid on my house while I was out, and took my laptop which was on my desk in my home office. My laptop contained all my business files. My only backups were in an old carry bag in the far corner of the office. Unfortunately the burglars grabbed that bag too, strangely ignoring other newer-looking bags next to it. The result was that I lost all my files. I am now recovering as best I can by requesting copies of email and documents from my business associates.

The lessons are: 1. Burglars can strike at any time, and the best defence is offsite backups. 2. Store your onsite backups in a separate part of the house from your computer. 3. Avoid storing your backups in a temptingly transportable form.

     Jim AnonymousAnonymous
    Adelaide, Australia, Wed 20-Mar-2002 12:11am

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