The novice nervously approached the backup master and asked "Master, now that I have mastered the Tao of Backup, is it alright for me to backup other people's data?"

The master said: "Now that you have mastered the Tao of Backup you have the power to keep your data forever. Go forth into the world and use this power for good and not for evil."


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This web (including the ideas of The Tao Of Backup  and The Seven Heads Of Backup ) was conceived, designed, and implemented by Ross Williams of in August 1997 and first placed online at on 3 October 1997. It was moved to its own domain at on 24 September 2000.

The purpose of this web is to educate the computing public of the need for comprehensive backups, and to promote the Veracity data integrity tool which can assist in this area. The web concept was partly inspired by the book The Tao Of Programming  by Geoffrey James, InfoBooks (Santa Monica), 1987, (ISBN: 0-931137-07-1), which was given to me on the spur of the moment by Gideon Yuval on 31 March 1992 during a visit to Microsoft, Redmond, Seattle, USA. Thanks Gideon! This language of this web was also inspired by the book The Art Of War  by Sun Tzu, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1981, (ISBN: 0-340-27604-5).

Motivation for creating this web was also derived from an incident of significant data loss suffered by Andrew Rutherford of Iagu Networks in mid 1997 at his former workplace. Andrew, this web is dedicated to you, and to all others whose backups have failed.

Ross Williams

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Copyright © Ross Williams 1997. All rights reserved.