Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall Story

look before you drive or never leave home without backing up before hand

My friend I was working with was writing a book. He had already sold the book to a publisher. It came up to his holidays and he decided to take the whole book (no backups at home or elsewhere) on holidays with him in a laptop. He had been provided with a cottage in the country by a friend for his holidays so that he could finish the book. On the way to this cottage it started to rain and the river he had to cross flooded. When he came to the weir he had to cross to get to the cottage it was slighty flooded but he felt he could get through so he took his car across. Halfway the car refused to go any further. In the end the car was lost with all contents, the friend's luggage, the computer and his only copy of his book. He lost his contract with the company because he could not remember enough of the book to get it out on time.

     ASimpson Anonymous
    coffs, Australia, Thu 11-Sep-2003 1:36am

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