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Well I have a short and very sharp story. I am a 3d programmer with patient scans and analysis data. The scans were on one computer, not backed up, with some very recent analysis data. Since the scans were about 100 GB there was no way I was going to back them up without spending some money. As usual, the power supply went, taking with it the motherboard, hard drives, RAM and everything else except the cards in the PCI slot. Nice. I had a copy of all old analysis files at home. Lost all patient scans and new analysis. 6 weeks of digging for patient scans gone. Now I have a mirror at work and another mirror at home of EVERYTHING, incrementally backed up every day automatically. Cost me a pretty penny but worth every cent. Backup is fun now!

    Cupertino, USA, Thu 27-Dec-2001 11:07am

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