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I Didn't Have to Say "I told you so."

After my client went to India for a month, his older Mac SE experienced a problem called "sticktion," whereby the hard drive failed to spin up. I asked him when his last backup was, and he paled as he said, "about a year ago." All his business records were on that drive. I opened the Mac, removed the drive, and carefully performed "percussive maintenance" on it (I hit its edge with the palm of my hand - once.). I connected an external SCSI drive to his system and rebooted his drive. It came right up, and I immediately transferred all his data to my drive. I told him never to turn off the computer again, get a new ddrive, and back up daily. Six months later, he again appeared, this time with a sadder story. He had experienced a power outage, the computer turned off, he was out of town, but he had seen me fix it, so he took the drive out and whacked it himself. Unforturnately, he whack was not on the side, but on the top, and he crashed the heads. By any chance, did I have the backup of his data I did 6 months earlier? Very luckily for him, I did and he only had to recreate 6 months of lost data.

     Dave Thompson
    Seattle, US, Sat 03-Apr-1999 9:10pm

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