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Thieves attempt to destroy all backups at Daewoo.

This incident didn't affect me; I just saw it in the newspaper and thought I'd add it to the wailing wall. This article shows how important it is to keep offsite backups, preferably at a secret location.


By Mark Hollands.

Thieves used a forklift truck to smash an $80,000 computer in a $2 million raid that appeared aimed at crippling the electronics company Daewoo.

During a raid, late last month, the IBM computer was thrown down a staircase, repeatedly run over by the forklift, hurled against a wall and then drowned in water with a fire hose.

Daewoo's computer back-up tapes, which held company secrets, were thrown in a bucket of water and destroyed.

But it was not enough.

Disaster recovery engineers have spent six days piecing the computer back together, sometimes using magnifying glasses, to ensure Daewoo stays in business.


The night after the break-in, the thieves struck again. This time, they searched without success for more of the company's back-up tapes. This has led police to speculate that one gang member might be covering the tracks of embezzlement or another white-collar crime.


The engineer said Daewoo staff had been foolish enough to leave the back-up tapes on the premises.

If the tapes had not been destroyed, the computer could have been replaced with minimal disruption.

"Everyone knows back-up tapes should never be left in the office in case of a fire, or something like this. I reckon Daewoo are pretty lucky," he said.

--- "The Australian" newspaper, 2 February 1999, p.7.

     Ross Williams
    Adelaide, Australia, Tue 02-Feb-1999 1:49am

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