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D..chead Deactivates C Drive as DOS Partition

Hello All,

First, let me explain that the following story was induced by a computer wholesaler who sold me a re-stamped 233MMX which was really a 166MMX as I eventually found out. (but that's another story).

My box had been playing up ever since I upgraded to the 233 MMX. It would run, but after and hour or so, it would start crashing a lot. I tried new RAM, which didn't work, so I decide to re-install my system.

I didn't know it, but I had accidentally removed drive C (4.3 gig) as my active DOS partition. My D (2.1 gig) was my working drive that contained my lifes (2 years :]) work with Perl, HTML Graphics etc etc on it. I began the format not knowing that my C drive was really my D drive and my C drive was no drive at all.

After a while, I checked on the progress of the format. It was at about 80% and I suddenly realised It was at over 80% of 2.1 gig and not 4.3 gig. OOOOPS! I immediately hit cancel. A foul stench wafted through the room. My stomach began to churn. I was devastated. I thought I had lost it all {:-[}

After reformatting the correct drive and installing the OS etc, I tried accessing my D drive. I couldn't believe it, there was no damage or lost files. Where the Gods shinning on me? Was I about to win the lottery? Why? I didn't care why. I was just glad I didn't lose my precious, valuable and much loved data.

From having virtually no backup routine, I now still don't have a back-up routine. Only joking. I now backup daily. May this story of near disaster be a lesson to all of you backup unconscious.

     Stephan Carydakis
    Melbourne, Australia, Wed 26-May-1999 6:37am

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