Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall Story

Make sure you know what you are backuping.

As a student, I am learning the importance of backuping...even when you think you have a backup. And know what you are backuping.

Recently I uploaded my portfolio website to a web hosting site. I had spent a long time on this particular project, and had made lots of pictures and relevant information to be seen by prospective employers! I was rather proud of how the online CV had turned out. I left the website there and went my merry way.

As the host was a free hosting service, one of the conditions that I was asked to fulfil was visit the administrators console once every 30 days, else they would remove my site.

I forgot.

After giving my parents the address to go to see my stuff, they said they couldn't see anything. "Their browser or something isn't working properly again," I thought. After finding the actual problem I screamed to myself! Then I calmed down again. "No Problem" I thought, as I knew I had at least 3 copies of my years work.

What I found out after much searching the backups, is that I didn't backup my website. I uploaded the original to the website, using the program that I had created it in, which, incidently I don't have at home. So I can't read the original, I don't have a backup, and I've lost an entire months worth of work, not to mention I can't show online anyone what I've spent the entire year on, as well as I can't impress prospective employers with a website to hire me.

Backup. Please! For the love of sanity, backup.

Thankfully I still have hardcopies of my work....(sob)

    pn, nz, Thu 06-Jan-2005 11:11am

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