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Never ever turust your defrag software

The blurb said "Symantecs Norton SystemWorks 2005 is the smartest way to solve computer problems and protect your valuable data. This easy-to-use software helps you eliminate viruses, prevent computer problems, and restore your system to a healthy state. The One Button Checkup makes it easier than ever to find and fix computer problems."

So I trusted it. Ran the speed disk program coz it said my hard drive was very fragmented. Well it was correct when it claimed to speed up my hard drive. After it fragged my HDD and totally wiped it clean - wouldn't even boot - and after finally rebuilding the MBR the drive was real fast. What you'd expect from a zeero'd drive. AND yes i didn't have a proper backup *sighs loudly* so it took me over a week to rebuild and I have lost lots of stuff that was important.

    Adelaide, Oz, Sun 07-Nov-2004 12:02pm

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