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Don't forget to backup the hidden files....

I work for a bank. Data recovery for us can not be a "hit or miss" thing, it has to be total and complete. We simply can't lose any part, or for that matter any, data or our customer's money would be gone! During our annual disaster test, which was being done 6 months early due to the installation of a new main frame, it was discovered that none of the security files were being backed up. The data was all there, but there was no way to get to it! A day was lost in the recovery process as we had to have a tape flown to us from our Tape Vault. That test drove home the point, that you =must= verify your backups. We thought, since we were doing what the "specialists" had told us, we were doing all we needed to do. We weren't. Total and complete backups, even of "bad sectors" and hidden files are a must. In a later test, we also learned the need for a second copy. The security files (again) were lost, but this time to a bad tape. For the =really= important files, make a second backup, and send =both= files off-site.

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