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Organisational records gone 'cause the offsite tape was blank

An organisation (my Wife's) with 20 years of history on their computers, 20-25 people employed, all gone in a fire which gutted the building. OK, so it won't take that 146,000 days to re-build the organisation, but that's how much history is gone. They have lost all computer records on the server, all their historial stuff, photos etc. How could that happen??

"What idiots" I hear you say - surely they had offsite back-up??

Yes - here is the tragedy - they did have tape backups, taken off-site weekly. And a backup was made last Thursday morning and removed from site. The fire struck Saturday evening (probably arson).

But when the tape was taken to their computer company, to be restored (requiring special HP tape drive and HP software) - the tape was found to be BLANK.

     Simon Neville
    Denmark WA, Australia, Mon 06-Jul-2009 10:12am

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