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An Automatic Offsite Backup Story

I'd like to share about a backup situation I've heard happen to several men. These businessmen travel and use their laptops for training and presentations. If they were to lose the data on their laptops, their business trips would be ruined.

The inevitable happens, their hard drive crashes while they are on the road. The hard drive or the laptop is easy to replace, but what about the data? Fortunately, they had an offsite backup they could access over the Internet. The solution was relatively painless: buy a new laptop and restore your data from your online backup.

I haven't had this happen to me but I've started doing online backups because I've heard so many of these stories. Broadband is easy to get and the automatic offsite backup solves so many problems, that this becomes a wise solution.

     Oliver Hellwig
    Rolesville, USA, Wed 11-Jul-2007 3:48pm

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