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Never Leave Your Laptop Anywhere!!!


I backed up my MyDocuments folder every month. One day, I returned to Manhattan from a meeting in Boston around 11, and I had to run to my cousin's birthday which I was already late to. I parked my car next to NYU, where I usually park, but I had to run, and I was tired, so I decided to throw my heavy backpack in the trunk of my car instead of taking it with me to the party as I would usually do. When I came back, my side window was broken, and my backpack was gone along with my laptop, digital camera, and various other belongings. Of all of these, the biggest loss was that I had months of work that were stored on my Desktop, and not in the MyDocuments folder. These had not been backed up for half a year. I had PhD thesis work, software, financial records, passwords, etc... that I lost. It has been almost 6 months since the incident, and I have yet to recreate all the lost work (although I am close). It has been especially hard to do with the knowledge that I have done it before, and now I have to do it all over again. As you can imagine, I am putting a lot more effort into my backups these days.


    New York, USA, Thu 21-Sep-2006 10:48pm

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