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One day, I got a call that I could not come in to the office the next morning. Our facility had been taken over by armed guards and we would not be getting access.

Over the next few days, it became apparent that this was a result of a divorce dispute vaguely related to our company owner. In the meantime, we had to get back in business.

The company owner had committed to taking tapes off site once a week. However, the most recent tape that he had at the moment in question was three months old. We did have current backups in a fireproof safe, but that safe was inaccessible to us.

During the next week, we built a new shipping facility and set up a network from scratch at a new location.

We had some data in an offsite web server, and we recreated our main system from that data, but the episode probably cost the company upwards of $5,000,000, once lost business was taken into consideration.

One of our first initiatives after we were stable was to build a realtime offsite backup using log transfer technology.

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