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Do NOT use a "Go-Back" program or System Restore as a BACKUP!

I got a bad spot on my XP registry file, so it wouldn't boot. The only "backup" I had was a "go-back" program, which is a program that allows you to "go-back" to your previous settings if you install something that messes up your system.

Luckily I had another hard drive I could install XP on, so I did this and I ran chkdsk to clean the failing drive. It still wouldn't boot.

Microsoft has a knowledge base artice about how to use the XP CD Recovery Console to fix the problem. I did this, but for some reason I HAD NO RESTORE POINTS IN THE "System Volume Information" DIRECTORY!

This would have left me with a crippled system (not dead though), had it not been for the "go-back" program backups I made every week. I think they are incremental and I am slowly (Painfully) installing them and rebooting.

So I will hopefully be very near to where I was soon. I was fortunate. If my drive really died I would have nothing. I would have lost everything -- all the pictures of my baby -- and all my passwords. The lesson learned is, DON'T RELY ON A GO-BACK PROGRAM OR MICROSOFT SYSTEM RESTORE AS A BACKUP. YOU NEED A COMPLETE BACKUP OR YOU ***WILL*** LOSE EVERYTHING... it's only a matter of time is all. You will never regret making a COMPLETE backup NOW!!!! MAKE IT A PRIORITY!!!!

I was actually planning to do this but I was so slow about it, and my hard drive is only 15 months old. Don't be like me. DO IT NOW. It won't hurt anything, and, you'll have a COMPLETE backup!

    Shelton, USA, Mon 21-Jun-2004 1:35pm

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