Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall Story

Don't ever think you've got it right!

I make it a point to only store data files on my d: drive and only program files on my c: drive. Thus, I only backup my d: drive.

I've been a Palm Pilot user for about 3 years now. And I've also never given much thought to backing up the data...I mean Heck, the data is already in two places, so why back it up. If the data is lost in either place I can restore it from the other.

The other day, I HotSynced my pilot (like I do everyday) and something went awry. I did absolutely nothing different than I do any other day; all of my preferences are set and don't change. Upon opening my calendar on my pilot after the sync, much of my recent data had been erased. I quickly checked the desktop Palm software...only to find that it was missing there as well. Mysteriously, not my entire calendar database had gone missing...only about the last six months worth. Then, I quickly thought to myself, "where's my most recent backup?"

WHOOPS! The Palm Desktop software automatically puts all of your Palm data on the C: drive because that's where I chose to install the 'software.' Thus, I have no backup!

Consequently, I will never feel safe again! I will never 'think' I've covered all my bases! -- NOR SHOULD YOU!

Please learn from my mistake!

    CO, USA, Fri 09-Nov-2001 7:44am

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