Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall Story

Try recovering everything, not just one file.

The Exchange server is backed up every night. We test the backup every now and then when someone wants E-mail resoted. We are happy with the backup schedule.

Then the disk fails. We start loading the tapes. The backup was a "brick-level" backing up each mail box individually. The restore did a seek (usually loading a new tape into the juke box) to find the first mailbox begining with "a", then alphabetically though to "z". It took 7 days to restore, seeking and loading tapes 24hrs a day. If the restore had just resotred sequentially, it would have taken about three hours.

The volume was corrupt for three days before it was noticed, so those three days of mail were lost. Then we found that it only backed up the E-mail. All the calendars, contact lists, rules, tasks, all gone.

Having a disaster recovery plan is one thing. Testing it is another.

    Mount Isa, Australia, Wed 27-Jun-2001 12:07am

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