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Recovery not cheap . . .

Like many computer users, I was not particularly fastidious about backups. Then, one day, disaster struck. The computer would not boot . . . Drive C: not found! Quickly, I removed the cover to inspect, only to discover that the disk drive motor was not even spinning! "Oh, My GOD!", I thought in dismay. Somewhere on that hard disk were all my personal financial records for the past three years as well as all the financial records for the Homeowners Association (of which I was the Financial Officer) and detailed information about the estate of my recently deceased father. None of this data had ever been backed up! Needless to say, I could not continue to live a normal life without all that data.

Fortunately, a company called OnTrack Data Recovery was able to restore all my data onto a new drive; however, this welcome news came at a price: nearly $1,000.00 to recover a mere 300MB of data. I gladly paid the price and immediately purchased a tape drive and ten tapes which were promptly put into use when my hard disk came back from OnTrack.

     Patrick Anonymous
    Arcadia, CA, Thu 21-Sep-2000 5:07am

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