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How I nearly lost the Tao Of Backup!

I completed and launched the Tao Of Backup web at 4:20pm on 3 October 1997. For some reason I didn't do a backup that night, and the next day I woke up to discover that my main 2G hard disk wasn't appearing on the Macintosh desktop. How embarassing!

I wasn't too worried, as I had done a backup two days before, and had been continually saving my ongoing work in an ad-hoc manner onto a separate disk. However, I had made several unbackedup changes, and I knew it would be quite messy figuring out which were the latest files. I was also worried that I might lose some of the final changes I'd made to the FunnelWeb source of the Tao Of Backup Web. I really wished that I'd taken a backup on the Friday night!

Luckily, it turned out that the only thing wrong with the disk was its power supply, and after that was replaced, the disk returned to normal. I immediately did a full backup and a Veracity run and everything was OK.

I didn't lose any data, but the whole incident gave me a scare. It reminded me that I use my computer so much that I must be absolutely rigorous about performing daily backups. I mustn't ever miss a day.

It all just goes to show that sometimes even Tao Backup Masters get the backup blues.

     Ross Williams
    Adelaide, Australia, Tue 14-Oct-1997 12:09am

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