4. History

The novice took an old backup tape to the backup master and asked: "Master, this tape is six months old. If I am to achieve oneness with the Earth, is it not right that it be re-used?"

The master took the tape and said: "I will re-use it. Now, quickly, go and examine your disk drive."

The novice examined his disk and discovered that a virus had corrupted hundreds of important, but rarely-used files. He loaded a day-old backup, but found that those files were corrupted too.

He loaded the week-old backup, but it was the same. Eventually, he realized that the virus had struck four months before. He returned to the master and said: "Master, you have the only uncorrupted copy!"

But the master had already overwritten it with a copy of DOOM.

The master said: "Just as we respect and care for our ancestors, so we must respect and care for our old backups, for one day they may achieve great glory."

Keep Some Old Backups
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