Epilogue: Backups Are Important

Yes it's true, one of the original purposes of this web was to promote Veracity.

Whether or not you decide to install Veracity , I hope that you have learned something useful about backups that will one day save your data. I have heard many stories of data loss. For example:

  • A man who lost his Ph.D. thesis.
  • A man who lost a year's worth of programming.
  • A trade union that lost its entire membership records.

More such stories are recorded in The Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall.

Once these disasters occur, the data is gone forever and there is nothing that anyone can do. The only measures that can be taken to prevent such disasters are preventative. I hope that the approach to backups presented in this web will help you to arm yourself against disaster. I also hope that you will see the importance of using Veracity to conduct the ultimate test of your backups, and to keep an eye on the integrity of your online data. The backup masters of old said:

"A backup that succeeds is its own heaven.
 A backup that fails is its own hell."

The choice is yours.

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